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Gwen Whitaker, Greenfare Organic Cafe

My Vegan Journey, Vegan 21 Day Kick Start

Gwen Whitaker is well versed on Vegan principles and strategies. Her personal journey has led her from a career in IT to vegan café owner and health promoter. We both have similar life experiences. I was an IT professional who became interested in holistic healing and wanted to change the world through mind, body and spirit principles.

My vegan journey began when I sampled a dish from the GreenFare menu. I became curious! The food I tasted that day was hot, light, healthy and tasty. As a foodie and cuisine coach, I became intrigued about veganism. I thought vegan food would be tasteless, and boring! I wondered, how could food that was made without salt, sugar and fat taste good?

As a cuisine coach,  it was important that I experience the highs and lows of the vegan experience. So, I decided to take part in the GreenFare 21 day kick start program. I knew I needed knowledge, so that I could coach people who wanted to learn about vegan traditions, cooking and nutrition.

If you are curious, then I recommend that you first learn as much about vegan principles as you can. It is important to be prepared, so that your experience is a positive one. Sample vegan foods from well respected vegan sources. Try different cultural interpretations, perspectives and methodologies for food preparations and recipe ideas. Then, when you feel comfortable with your knowledge join a vegan kick start program.

GreenFare’s program is very convenient and affordable. Be specific about your food requirements, and tastes. You will appreciate the scientific knowledge and health teachings. As a participant you will learn how to cook and prepare vegan food. I enjoyed the grocery shopping class, and culinary class as I was taught how to read food labels and how to choose the best foods.

I suggest that you get to know YOU. Your likes, dislikes! Get to know, understand textures, smells, tastes, and the chemistry of food.  Be a food scientist!  If you know you better, then you can create your own dishes! Your mission is to wander around the market and browse. The point is to seek and explore.

This experience taught  patience,  to know myself better, to finish what I start, adapt to change,  to be curious, to ask questions and to be more creative.

If you would like to read more about my experiences, then you may read more at Sheilaisms, my Instagram page.

Good luck on your journey.





Guy Lambert & Sheila Inman, DC Fashion Week 2019

Fun Meeting Guy Lambert

Guy Lambert has been a long time affiliate of DC Fashion Week. He has a humble and human appeal that sets him apart from most famous people. He made himself available to meet a greet everyone who wanted to take a picture.

I admire his confidence and genuineness and not his fame. I believe we all have the ability to influence and inspire people to move towards their dreams. I was glad to have met a kind influencer.

As host of DC Fashion Week, he kept the pace moving and flowing. The crowd connected and everyone enjoyed the show.

Leighel Desiree, DC Fashion Week 2019

Leighel Desiree, Fashion Designer

There was excitement on the cat walk and behind the scenes! How about fashions for the woman who wants to be beautiful all of the time? I happened to walk by this charming woman’s pop up. Her name is Leighel Desiree out of Brandywine Maryland. She has been interested in designing since an early age. Wow!

She offers (Venusian) jewelry and fashions. Venus is the planet of love, grace and beauty.  As you can see,  her creativity flows and her jewelry is abundant.

Check out her latest pieces at

Gay Lambert & Fernandita Salazar, DC Fashion Week 2019

Fernandita Salazar, 8 Year Old Child Prodigy

This little lady was amazing, and so comfortable in front of the camera. She debuted the Coleccion “Lace chimera ” collection.  Her clothes showed great  imagination and style for one so young.

Just moments before her interview, she was dancing and kidding around back stage. May she bring out the inner child in us all. The child that’s motivates us to chase our dreams.

I hope she continues to grow and shine!

– Sheila Inman




Founder Ean Williams, DC Fashion Week 2019

Ean Williams, Haute Couture Unveiled

DC Fashion Week 2019 was held at the French Embassy and was absolutely fabulous!  As part of the press, I gained a behind the scenes perspective that was unique! The French Embassy, on September 29th was teaming with excitement! Coordinators were milling about helping patrons, designers and models. Everyone had a vested interest in the successful completion of the show.

The evening was jammed packed with diversity! Designers from all over the world and of various ages participated in this seasons fashions at the “French Embassy.” Ean William’s event included his haute couture line,  a designer of nearly 80 years old to a youth of 7 years old. Can you believe it?

The crowd was excited to see FASHIONS! Let them see FASHIONS! Zodi, a long time patron loves Ean William’s designs. There were several DC Fashion Week shows this season. The H Street Festival Fashion Show,  DC Fashion Week’s Official Fashion Industry Networking Party, which was held at the amazing MGM National. Opening Night #FashionAtTheAston was held at Aston Martin, the Masters of Ceremony – Guy Lambert. Lambert was very humble! He was kind as he made himself available to the attendees who wanted a photo op.  

There will be another fashion show in February 2020. This time you will see the Spring collections 2020. DC has become very popular in recent years as a major attraction for the fashion industry. New York is where most of the elite of the fashion industry dwell. However, DC is building momentum!

Accomplished designers showed off their creations in September 2019. They were inspiring!

The show featured designs by BCBGMAXZARIA and of course DC based designer “Ean Williams. ”