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Be Creative!

As a content creator, I use my talents to edify others. My focus is communicating positive messages about the community, travel, fashions, and cuisine.   I encourage self love through creativity.  My vision is to edify people by showing the beauty in life! 

At Angels Working On Earth LLC., I enjoy coaching both children and adults on culinary skills and technique. My motivation is to help teach people to enjoy healthy foods and to know that healthy eating can be delicious too.  Every experience can be fun because everyone uses their own creativity!  Whole foods and plant based foods are part of the plan. Fresh ingredients and healthy tips will encourage curiosity and good health.

My Content Creation services include: 

  1. Press coverage
  2. Brand Ambassador
  3. Videography
  4. Brand Reviews
  5. Cuisine Coaching
  6. Culinary Instruction
  7. Food Photography


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