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Tea Blending

Tea Blending Like a Geisha Hi, Angels Working On Earth Family! “Tea Blending Like a Geisha”, is a class for beginners to help inspire and ignite a spark of wellbeing in your everyday tea ritual. Learn about the history and traditional uses of tea and some of Sheila’s favorite staple herbs, as well as her philosophy on blending. I love tea for its many flavors, scents, and experiences. I hope that you enjoy tea too. It brings absolute contentment that makes one feel peaceful as if one is connecting with nature. This tea gathering will help you connect with your heart. Tea is for wellness, the senses, enjoyment, and creative exploration.    Your teacup awaits, your dreams are for the taking, and your body, spirit, and soul will thank you with every sip. Each student will learn to create their own recipe to blend on their own as needed. Sign Up For Blending Tea Like A Geisha