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Bobby Flay’s, New Book

New Cook Book “Bobby at Home.”   What a great influencer! It was wonderful to meet Bobby Flay at his latest book signing in Fairfax Virginia, at  William Sonoma where he introduced his new book, “Bobby At Home.” It was a special but brief moment with a food industry icon. There were many people waiting in line to receive a signed book by the famous Flay. We want Bobby, we want Bobby were the chants of the crowd, which were made up of his most devoted fans. His fans were very excited and pleased to receive their autographed book. His book includes some very delightful recipes.  Recipes any Bobby Flay aficionado would love. His books are now available for sale at any Barnes and Noble book store. Sheila Inman    

Danni McGhee’s Vegan Crab Cakes

Vegan Crab Cakes Danni McGhee inspires again with her vegan crab cakes. It’s a creative dish everyone enjoyed at Greenfare Organic Cafe. This plant-based dish and contains some very unusual ingredients that when combined mimics crab cakes in texture and in appearance. The basics of seasoning vegan styled meals was presented in a very charismatic and holistic way. She encouraged the participants to seek and explore veggie alternatives based on her own research and experiences. The dish ingredients and prep may be found at You may find out more about Danni McGhee  at   Cheers!  

Cathy Barrow, Recipe Author

In Conversation With Cathy Barrow   I had the pleasure of speaking with Cathy Barrow, a food writer, cooking teacher and pie maker. Barrow writes a column in the Washington Post’s Food section, called “Bring It.” She has written for the New York Times, Garden and Gun, The Local Palate, Modern Farmer, Saveur, Southern Living, NPR, National Geographic, and other publications. Her first cookbook, Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Practical Pantry, won the prestigious IACP Award. She gave great advice about pitching recipe ideas to publishers. She spoke about the importance of pitching to food editors in particular. She said when pitching, contacts may be found in the acknowledgements section of a book. The pitch must sing, and be no more than 200 words. It is important to get to the point. Be sure to include a link to previous works and an end date to answer by. Annd be sure to follow-up. She spoke about valuing your work, which meant not working for free! Good luck with your writing projects! Cheers!  

Fishnet Restaurant

Fishnet Restaurant “Fish Tacos”   I found this wonderful little restaurant that sells fresh fish and freshly made bread daily! It specializes in seafood and is in Maryland. The restaurant is called, “Fishnet.” It has a kind of  hidden away feel to it. It was a pleasant surprise! Apparently, chef Ferhat Yalcin knows President Obama as a picture of him with Obama hangs on the wall. The vibe is cozy (mom and pop) and the staff are very friendly and accommodating. The fish taco was made with freshly fried catfish. It was hot and lightly seasoned. Crispy! The tortilla taco shell tasted authentic, lightly crispy and puffy. Cole slaw topped it off. The coleslaw tasted of cilantro, and lime. This gave the slaw a tangy fresh taste. Shredded carrots and cabbage made up the main ingredients. If you want something light and fresh, then this restaurant is for you! Try it if you are ever in the North East. Cheers!