Month: February 2021

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The Perfect Cuppa

The Perfect Cuppa Who doesn’t love a tasty cup of tea? We should understand the way of tea. It’s about love. Drinking tea is like a warm hug, and loving you. If you’re anything like me, then you love a great cup of tea. Most of you probably know how to make a decent cup of tea. You may be surprised to find out that drink tea is an art form.  There are several essential components for tea making, including the temperature, the brewing time, and even the pottery you serve it in.   So, how do you make the perfect cup of tea? Start with fresh water. You need to make sure you fill the kettle with fresh, cold water. Avoid re-boiling. The Right Temperature   The temperature of your water is essential to the making of a good cup of tea. The temperature depends on what tea you’re making. For a black tea, you’re looking at around 95ºC-98ºC; for green/delicate teas, it’s slightly lower with 80ºC-85ºC. Teas release their flavor compounds at different temperatures. If you are a …