Month: June 2019

Walk About In Holland

  Traveling With Friends Holland is best known for its Dutch heritage, which is evident by its attractions and events. Visitors can walk back through time in the Dutch Museums. I experienced this with my travel besties. We had a wonderful experience together. As you will see in the short video, we had a full day of walking about Amsterdam. We toured the canal, visited a few museums, had lunch on a boat in the canal and experienced the infamous, ” Red Light District. ” I shall always remember our visit to the Red Light District. I suppose most people are curious because of its notoriety. It certainly lives up to its reputation. The district is loud, boisterous and people are in various stages of drunkenness. To be fair, there are night clubs and entertainment venues in those areas too. However, what was noticed the most were the men, on the hunt. They surveyed the women standing behind the windows with a kind of lascivious intent. Some windows had the curtains drawn, one can draw …

DC Fashion Week 2018

The Beautiful People DC Fashion Week was every exciting! This event was hosted by the ” French Embassy” in Washington DC.  The masters of ceremony was entertaining and the guests were flamboyant. This footage is only a snippet of  the festivities, which occurred in September. The fashions were a variety styles. Some fashions were meant to be worn at galas, while others could be worn to cocktail parties. The finally included a bride and a groom! This is an event that I will give press to each season. The crowd, the models and the fashion designers were synergized and created a very memorable experience. Next, is New York Fashion Week 2020.  

Alice Sevivas

  MyBodYoga I had a wonderful experience with Alice Sevivas, one of the yoga instructors. Her focus is on her students. She heals the mind through thoughtful meditations, the body through unique and varied yoga poses and the spirit by simply being who she is. MybodYoga is located in Woodbridge Virginia. It’s easily assessable by car and near plenty of shops. The shop carries all kinds of products related to spirituality. As soon as you walk in the door you will feel a “Presence.” Calm. What you see here is just a glimpse of who she is as a yoga instructor, but enough to help you reach out to her.  

DC Swim Week Pre-Fashion Show

  DC Swim Week DC Swim week takes place from July 25th thru July 27th.  The Italian Embassy will host fashion designers from all over the world.  Over 40 designers and models will display daring cuts and bold prints. The vacations to beautiful places are ahead of us which means swimwear shopping! While you are busy planning your exciting adventures. Let us to help you navigate the latest trends in the swimwear department. From loud prints to timeless plain prints, flip through this article to discover what everyone is obsessing over this summer. The pre-show displayed fashions from France, New York, Canada, Los Angeles and many more places. The preview included four designers who show cased fabulous swimwear and daring lingerie. The Jessica Simpson brand was amongst the designs modeled at the Kimpton Donovan hotel pre-show.   Jessica Simpson is known for her line of fun, youthful, contemporary, and very wearable pieces. The collection aspires to create a happy and carefree attitude and it succeeds.  

Woodbridge Tasting Festival

Woodbridge’s Tasting Festival The Woodbridge tasting festival attracted a diverse collection of vendors. There was entertainment, food vendors, and vendors supporting charities. But, one vendor caught my attention. Perhaps, its because I like barbeque?! Of the food vendors, Blue Southern BBQ got my attention. The food was tasty, low in salt and sugar, which is a plus. Dave R. Galloway was the pit boss, so he was too busy for an interview. His sister Vivian was a valuable support as she enthusiastically  sang his praises. There website address is Give them a call! Cheers!