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Martha Stewart |Cookie Perfection

The Perfect Cookie AT MetroCooking DC! Martha Stewart came to Washington, DC, to promote her new book,” Cookie Perfection.” The crowd at the DC Metro Cooking Show was a Combination of excited fans and media hounds. “Cookie Perfection” is her 95th book! It is beautifully written and has a line up of innovative confections within. Martha introduced several mouths watering cookies. But, what stood out the most was the ” The Kitchen Sink Cookies.” They were eye-catching. Huge! Martha should know. On her four hour drive from New Bedford, New York to Washington, DC, she ate half the cookie as she jokingly stated. You may find the recipe down below. She is in the process of writing another book about organization. Martha is an advocate of being organized, as it gives more time to pursue other activities. For now, you may view Martha’s talk about her new book, ” Cookie Perfection” here. Martha’s Kitchen Sink Cookies | Recipe Ingredients: 2 sticks unsalted butter 3/4 cup granulated sugar 3/4 cup packed light brown sugar 2 large …

Cathy Barrow | Author

In Conversation With Cathy Barrow Cathy Barrow, a food writer, cooking teacher, and pie maker, was beautiful to interview. Barrow writes a column in the Washington Post’s Food section, called “Bring It.” She has written for the New York Times, Garden and Gun, The Local Palate, Modern Farmer, Saveur, Southern Living, NPR, National Geographic, and other publications. Her first cookbook, Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Practical Pantry, won the prestigious IACP Award. She gave great advice about pitching recipe ideas to publishers. She spoke about the importance of pitching to food editors. She gave practical tips to those interested in pitching to publishers. The pitch must sing and be no more than 200 words. It is essential to get to the point. Be sure to include a link to previous works and an end date to answer by. Most importantly. Barrow spoke about valuing your work, which meant not working for free!