Year: 2018

Rijksmuseum in Holland

Rijksmuseum This is one of the world’s famous museums. We viewed a collection of Rembrandt’s paintings. I took a picture of this museum because I appreciated the architecture and the excitement surrounding it.

“Sail Away to a Far Away Land”

Sail Away to a Far Away Land As I toured the Canal in Amsterdam, I passed by this boat. My thoughts? Is this for real? My mind drifted to sailing away to a faraway land! China? No. It was Japan. Have I ever been there before? Perhaps, in another life?! Japan is now on my bucket list of places to visit!. How exciting!

Satay Beef

Satay Beef Satay Beef at Chez Viola  It was delicious! The sticks are generously skewered with thick chunks of meat, ensuring a taste of peanut sauce with a hint of sweetness. The restaurant was quaint and had a unique charm all its own. The food was amazing and unique. The owner was from the Netherlands, yet he was able to capture its taste and flavor, which was exclusive to Indonesia. The beef satay is lovely, and I recommend it for its juicy tenderness. Expect queues during peak hours, but go with friends as each can order something different to taste and share…

Solo Traveler

Traveling Solo Whether I fall in love with the beauty of a country, I love to explore its food for ingredients that I may add to my dishes at home. My travels always revolve around educating myself about culture through food. Study abroad programs have provided me with the travel experiences of a lifetime. Some of the trips involved learning about healthcare systems or helping small healthcare-oriented businesses solve a problem. Now is the time to use what I have learned, to discover faraway places from my perspective. As a content creator, nutrition educator, and healthcare coach; I eat, drink, and cook my way around the world. I share my experiences with readers through travel, from smoked salmon pancakes on board a boat in Amsterdam to savory mousse at “Chez Voila” to tasting my way through a variety of Panamanian cuisine and from winging my way through a culinary class. I offer tips for eating healthy, dining solo, and meeting people along the way.

Mousse Surprise

Mousse at Chez Voila The mouse was served as part of a 5-course meal. I thought it was beautiful! It was soft and incorporated air bubbles to give it a light and airy texture.  This mousse was savory and it was like eating a cloud…

Human Statue

Live Statue? This was awesome! This was my first time seeing a living statue performer.  It was startling and unique. He or she drew a lot attention that day. This statue was truly representative of Amsterdam’s culture as many people ride bikes here…  

Food as Art

Food As Art Chez Voila got my attention! This dish was called the “fish of the day.” It was not the taste that got my attention, but what I saw. It was the connection between food and art.  At first, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this. I mean I came here to eat! I was taught a lesson about creativity and learned about the traits that are most commonly given to a successful chef in the highest spheres of haute cuisine. I was surprised as the chefs were able to manipulate the ingredients, in ways that keep them on the cutting edge…