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Walk About In Holland

Traveling With Friends Holland is best known for its Dutch heritage, which is evident by its attractions and events. Visitors can walk back through time in the Dutch Museums. I experienced this with my travel besties. We had a wonderful experience together. As you will see in the short video, we had a full day of walking about Amsterdam. We toured the canal, visited a few museums, had lunch on a boat in the canal and experienced the infamous, ” Red Light District. ” I shall always remember our visit to the Red Light District. I suppose most people are curious because of its notoriety. It certainly lives up to its reputation. The district is loud, boisterous and people are in various stages of drunkenness. To be fair, there are night clubs and entertainment venues in those areas too. However, what was noticed the most were the men, on the hunt. They surveyed the women standing behind the windows with a kind of lascivious intent. Some windows had the curtains drawn, one can draw their …

Travel Besties

Travel Besties These are two people who I thoroughly enjoy having fun with. We were in Amsterdam site seeing and visiting museums. You could call it a museum mukbang! We experienced the Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age. We must have seen the entire thirty colossal 17th century group portraits at the Amsterdam Museum. As you can see, from my friends expressions,  it was an awesome day!  

Live Statue

Live Statue Wow! This person was very determined and creative. We were on a walk about near the ” I AM Amsterdam” sign. One can describe it as a site seeing area were people take selfies and take part in the museum tours.  In person,  the visual was astounding and realistic! This artist was a truly a statue. One of the best performances, I’ve ever seen.

Rijksmuseum in Holland

Rijksmuseum This is one of the world’s famous museums. We viewed a collection of Rembrandt’s paintings. I took a picture of this museum because I appreciated the architecture and the excitement surrounding it.

“Sail Away to a Far Away Land”

Sail Away to a Far Away Land As I toured the Canal in Amsterdam, I passed by this boat. My thoughts? Is this for real? My mind drifted to sailing away to a faraway land! China? No. It was Japan. Have I ever been there before? Perhaps, in another life?! Japan is now on my bucket list of places to visit!. How exciting!