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Scampi -Style Shrimp

With Cheesy Grits & Arugula Salad”

New Recipe from Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon

10 OzShrimp
1/4 OzFresh Oregano
1 PktSeafood Broth Concentrate
3/4 OzParmesan
3 OzGrits
3 OzArugula
Kosher Salt & Ground Pepper
Olive Oil
Red Wine Vinegar

Hello, Angels Working on Earth Family!

Today’s dish is Scampi- Style Shrimp. The shrimp arrived well packaged, fresh and as scheduled. I always enjoy the unboxing process, as every time is well packed and beautifully presented.

I enjoyed eating this meal. The arugula gave the recipe a peppery flavor and contrasted with the cheesiness of the parmesan. The seafood broth enhanced the flavor of the shrimp as it layered the creamy grits. I enjoyed eating this very much as I grew up eating grits. I suppose you could eat this anytime, breakfast or dinner.

Cooking time will be around 20 minutes or so. Preping the meal took no time at all. If you prep your ingredients, ahead of time, then it’s easy!