Hi my name is Sheila Inman. I am trained in digital film-making and culinary art.  My focus is communicating positive messages about the food, fashions, travel, and the community at Sheilainman.com.  SheilaInman.com was originally intended to be a personal project, a way to encourage myself to fall in love with food. I fell in love with whole foods and plant-based eating; I wanted to learn how to make healthy eating nutritious and delicious.

I was curious about how to use food as a panaceas and was encouraged by the stories I read. I decided to learn about whole foods, plant-based diets and to change my lifestyle. I had three major obstacles: 1.) I wasn’t a chef, 2.) I had no idea how to make plant-based recipes and 3.) I had lost my creative zing! I decided the way to combat all three issues was to study nutrition, experience food, take culinary classes and to explore the food world around me.

Falling in love with food taught me that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring! I never wanted to compromise the taste! I wanted to build flavor, abundance and excitement in every meal. I’ve learned to cook, to photograph and journal what I was creating and quickly found a deep passion for whole food and plant-based living.

My culinary experiences drove me to try new things in the kitchen. By pushing myself to try new things in the kitchen each day; I rediscovered a sense of creativity that I thought I had lost. I did this by vlogging my experiences and meeting the innovators in the field. Now, all my hard work has become my blogs: SheilaInman.com and AngelsWorkingOnEarth.com.

My personal blog evolved into videography, styling food, food photography and fashion photography. In the near future, you will find a collection of books, series of podcasts, a range of plant-based food products and healthy whole food products.

Over time I have produced beautiful images for a range of projects: 1.) Cookbook Projects, 2.) Food Adventures, 3.) Kickstart Programs, 4.) Book Signings, 5.) Cooking Shows, 6.) Fashion shows and 7.) A Book Fair.

I am a brand ambassador for a leading grocery chain. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in:

  • A Brand Review
  • Food Photography Services
  • Food Styling
  • Recipe Development
  • Cookbook Reviews