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Fashion Week 2018

Emerald Isles Gown This gown is beautiful in its simplicity. The color is luxurious, especially if you like the color green. This can be worn by a woman of any age. The audience didn’t give it much notice, but it stands out because of its normalcy. It wasn’t as outrageousness as the other presentations. That was a good thing!

DC Fashion Week “The Groom”

The  Groom DC fashion week 2018 was so exciting. The fashion was not what I expected. It was very eccentric, but that is what fashion is?! This suit was part Brooks Brothers meets cowboy. Why would one wear this? I suppose if you going to a rodeo it would be perfect. In all seriousness, the color and style was made for an upwardly mobile “Millennial.” Or someone who appreciates rodeos!      

DC Fashionistas

Fashionistas! Being served Champagne at the DC Fashion Show! This was my first time attending. This was one of the shows best highlights! The fashion was ok!  But, of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The show took place at the French Embassy. Security is was tough. A good thing! Was the show worth the visit? The fashions were designed by up and coming fashion artists. I give them around of applauses for the hard work they put forth! The main event was the eccentric service by the models.  I would attend again, just to see the new creations of future fashionistas!