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Magic Bullet Smoothies

What is the healing power of food? Chemistry, Ritual, and Empathy. Some foods prevent anxiety and depression due partly to its nutrients, anti-flammatory properties. For example, tea’s power against anxiety and depression is due partly to its mood and flavor!

4 Essentials While Reducing Stress

It is essential to eliminate these four things while you are reducing stress on your body.   Avoid plastics. Replace these with glass or ceramic items.  Void parabens (preservatives), chemical fragrances, and phthalates (softening agents). Avoid alcohol and tobacco. Avoid fluoride and other chemicals in tap water. Use a water filter. Want more tips and tricks to a healthier you? The Love Your Self To Wellness program will provide you with healthy foods and information to live a healthy lifestyle.  This program will help you find physical good health and clarity of mind. We also offer private coaching sessions. If you’re like me – I’m ready to leave the toxicity of 2020 behind and start off with a reset to get my energy back. Are you on the fence about resetting? I know at first thought, doing a reset might feel overwhelming. I would be happy to offer you a free consultation. There’s never a completely perfect time to do it. And it’s ok to join and implement the program the best you can. Now there are some top …

How Stress Effects Your Weight

Stress is a principal offender when it comes to your health. When you eat, your autonomic nervous system unconsciously regulates bodily functions. Another part of your autonomic nervous system switches on when you are stressed. The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for the ‘fight and flight’ response.Eating healthy can be challenging to maintain during stressful times. Stress wears us down and interferes with the digestive process. Weight gain during stressful times may be partly due to the body’s hormonal checks and balances system.Cortisol is typically secreted by the adrenal glands in a pattern called a diurnal variation, meaning that the bloodstream’s cortisol levels vary depending upon the time of day. Most of the time, cortisol levels are highest in the early morning and lowest around midnight. Does cortisol stimulate insulin release? Yes. The result is an increase in appetite and stress. This disruption may not only promote weight gain but may also affect where you put on the weight. Some studies have shown that stress and elevated cortisol tend to cause fat deposition in the …