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Former White House Pastry Chef Roland Mesnier Gives Tips On Success


Roland Mesnier’s New Book “White House Deserts”

Roland Messier was the executive chef at the White House for over 25 years. His new book, ” White House Desserts, A Pastry Chef’s Secrets,” chronicles his experiences with 5 Presidents!

I spoke with Messnier about his book and his is very proud of it’s craftsmanship. His book is well written and beautifully made.¬† Mesnier was outspoken about his opinions about articles written in the Washington’s Post food section. This is a must read!

Rolland Mesnier gave practical advice for new authors and chef’s entering¬† the culinary field. He said to beware of fly by night mentors who make promises that they can’t keep. He has very traditional views about pursuing mentorship and learning proper techniques. To become a great chef doesn’t happen overnight according to Mesnier. To ¬† become a great chef takes years of training under the tutelage of a master chef. There are no shortcuts accordingly to Mesnier.

You may see the full interview by clicking on Rolland Mesnier talks about his new book, “White House Deserts.”