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Martha Stewart

Meeting Martha Stewart For The First Time At The MetroCooking Show

me and martha stewart

The Innovator Is A Ninja

Hi, Angels Working On Earth Family,

Martha Stewart has been a lifestyle ICON since the early ’80s. Has it been that long? The crowd was very excited as Martha took questions from the audience. The questions included everything from baking tips to environmental stewardship! Martha is an advocate for the humane treatment of animals. On her New Bedford farm, she raises her chickens under humane conditions.

 The day I met Martha Stewart for the first time, I was Sheila on the beat! I was determined to get my questions answered. Her assistant said it would be best to get my questions answered during the media press conference. My thoughts were, “What if later never came?” Sometimes you just got to take a risk! The worst that could happen is that I wouldn’t get my questions answered.

Martha Stewart was distracted when I met her. She was concerned about the background setup. I had only a few minutes before I had to exit the question and answer section. As I began to ask my questions, the photographer interrupted us by asking us to pose. 

I did not get my questions answered that day because of the interruption, but I gained valuable experience in communications.

Next time I meet Martha Stewart, I will be prepared. View my experience with Martha Stewart at Sheilaisms Instagram. 


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