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Interview With Wolfgang Puck

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Interview With Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck entered the meet and greet with kind of an easy-going charm. He exuded presence and wisdom as he spoke to us that day. He made sure we all felt comfortable. Wolfgang Puck spoke about his early days in Austria, his rise in the culinary industry; and the early days of Spago.  And now Cut in DC.

He answered questions about his longevity in the restaurant business and gave practical tips for new chefs just beginning their careers. Success can be had but it won’t happen overnight. One must learn the foundations of cooking (French) in the beginning as it will be hard to go backwards once you move forward. 

In his new book, “Wolfgang Puck Makes It Healthy”, he wrote about healthy food alternatives in cooking to Stewardship of our planet.  The full interview may be viewed by clicking on Meet Wolfgang Puck.