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Pan Roasted Cod

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” Pan Roasted Cod

with Potatoes &Herb Butter. “


New Recipe from Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon

12 ozRed Potatoes
1 Medium Yellow Onion
3 Oz Baby Spinach
10 OzCod Fillets
1/4 OzFresh Dill
1/4 Oz Fresh Chives
1 Tbsp Butter
N/aOlive Oil
N/aKosher Salt
N/aFresh Chives

Hello, Angels Working on Earth Family!

Today’s dish is Pan Roasted Cod. It took approximately 45 minutes to cook and arrived fresh and well-packaged. Cod can be frozen, cured, pickled, smoked, or canned. For this recipe, baby spinach, lemon, potatoes, and chives added a lot of flavor and texture to the Cod. This recipe can be tricky to make as Cod can absorb the flavors of the foods surrounding it. You can’t go wrong with fresh dill, chives, and butter. Along with the flaky, moist Cod is delicious.

We all should be aware of how our food arrives to us. It arrived from Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon well packaged and beautifully arranged. But we should also consider how Cod arrives at the market. So let us also talk about sustainability in terms of fish. Sustainability improves the quality of our lives, and our ecosystems, and preserves our natural resources for the next generation. This information isn’t meant to detour you from eating Cod but to inspire you to act in ways that benefit your health and protect others, the environment, and the fish we eat. If we don’t think deeply, there may not be enough fish to go around in the coming years.

The most recent data show some cod are endangered due to overfishing. There are fewer fish in the U.S. stocks of Atlantic cod than the average, and they are slowly recovering (NOAA Fishery, 2022). A 2013 report showed Icelandic cod numbers growing at their highest levels in 50 years (NOAA Fishery, 2022). There are different stock ratios in different oceans. All stocks go up and down.


Individually, one must be curious and think about the bigger picture in terms of our health, the animals, and our ecosystem. Take a moment to investigate the companies, that you buy from on the whole.

We need legally binding commitments to fish at sustainable levels, to effectively monitor our fisheries, and to take an ecosystem approach to fisheries management. We have to properly protect our fish stocks for the benefit of our seas, coastal communities, and consumers who expect sustainable seafood (NOAA Fisheries, 2022).

Mise En Place

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