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Gwen Whitaker

A Review of Gwen Whitakers, ” Vegan Kick Start Program”

Hi, Angels Working On Earth Family,

Gwen Whitaker is well versed in Vegan principles and strategies. Her journey has led her from a career in IT to a vegan café owner and health promoter. We both have similar life experiences. I was an IT professional who became interested in holistic healing and wanted to change the world through mind, body, and spiritual principles.

My Vegan Journey, Vegan 21 Day Kick Start

My vegan journey began when I sampled a dish from the GreenFare menu. I became curious! The food I tasted that day was hot, light, healthy, and tasty. As a foodie and cuisine coach, I became intrigued by veganism. I thought vegan food would be tasteless and boring! I wondered, how could food made without salt, sugar, and fat taste good?

As a cuisine coach, I needed to experience the highs and lows of the vegan experience. So, I decided to participate in the GreenFare 21-day kick-start program. I knew I needed knowledge to coach people who wanted to learn about vegan traditions, cooking, and nutrition.

If you are curious, I recommend you first learn as much about vegan principles as possible. It is essential to be prepared so that your experience is positive. Sample vegan foods from well-respected vegan sources. Try different cultural interpretations, perspectives, and methodologies for food preparations and recipe ideas. Then, when you feel comfortable with your knowledge, join a vegan kickstart program.

GreenFare’s program is very convenient and affordable. Be specific about your food requirements and tastes. You will appreciate the scientific knowledge and health teachings. You will learn how to cook and prepare vegan food as a participant. I enjoyed the grocery shopping and culinary classes as I was taught how to read food labels and choose the best foods.

I suggest that you get to know YOU. Your likes and dislikes! Get to know, and understand textures, smells, tastes, and food chemistry.  Be a food scientist!  If you know yourself better, then you can create your dishes! Your mission is to wander around the market and browse. The point is to seek and explore.

This experience taught me patience,  to know myself better, to finish what I started, to adapt to change,  to be curious, to ask questions, and to be more creative.

If you want to read more about my experiences, you may read more at Sheilaisms, my Instagram page.

Good luck on your journey.



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