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Bath Milk Soaks

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Hello, Angels Working On Earth Family!

The pandemic was stressful for everyone. So many of us were stressed and coping with the challenges that we had to overcome. I wondered what I could do to make someone else’s day a little bit brighter? I’m introducing a long-awaited project of mine! During Covid19, I worked on perfecting my line of bath milk soaks.
During my work with the Virginia Department of Health as a Covid19 Community Ambassador, I wondered how I could help relieve stress in the community? I know it will be different for everyone! For me, it is relaxing in a warm bath. I often imagined what I would look like bathing in a milk bath! Then, I thought about my favorite scents and colors. I began to experiment with different combinations of spices, flowers, etc. One day it all came together. It’s inside out! I love spices and teas. So, I included spices and teas in my bath soak recipes.
Bathing in hydrating minerals and herbs can help your body release impurities. Sometimes, we need to let the toxin seep out through our pores.
I know I feel at peace while I am in the bath. Imagine soaking in a warm, luxurious bath, letting all the stresses from your body, mind, and spirit seep out from your pores. Lavender, ginger, mint, rose, rosemary and lemon are my favorite spices.
Since these are my favorite things and bring me peace of mind, I am introducing the Lavender Cream, Rosemary Lemon, Ginger Mint, and Rose Cream bath soak line in honor you.

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Lavender Cream Milk Bath

Lavender Cream

I love the lavender scent. Everyday stresses and the covid19 virus can take a toll on your mental health. Did you know, the greater your anxiety level, the higher the risk for headaches, depression, and low energy. I’ve read that lavender may help relieve headaches and give your mental outlook a much-needed pick-me-up.

This bath soak is made from whole milk powder, lavender essential oils, lavender, and sea salts.

Rosemary Lemon Milk Bath

Rosemary Lemon

This little beauty has a fresh, vibrant lemony, and rosemary scent. To me, it smells of fresh lemon cookies. Lemons may prevent colds and the flu. If you ingest lemons, they may improve your digestion. Every so often, I will squeeze fresh lemon into the water. Then, heat up the mixture and add some honey. It was totally delicious. Lemons benefit the skin as they may help clear up acne.

Rosemary, may reduce cellulite, saggy skin, reduce redness and puffiness. Sometimes rosemary is used to treat skin infections.

This bath soak is made from whole milk powder, lemon essential oils, flowers, rosemary spices, sea salt and honey powder.

Ginger Mint Cream Milk Bath

Ginger Mint Cream

Now, this is an exciting combination. Mint is a natural anesthetic and anti-inflammatory! It can treat dizziness, nausea, and headache. I love the scent of mint, which is great because mint can be used to treat nasal congestion. On the skin, it can improve dental health, prevent dandruff and head lice.
Ginger also packs a punch! It’s a natural antiseptic and cleanser. Ginger has anti-aging properties, which help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

This bath soak is made from whole milk powder, ginger essential oils, ginger, flowers, mint sea salt and honey powder.

Rose Cream Milk Bath

Rose Cream

Last, but not least is my favorite. Actually, all of my milk baths are my favorite! I love the rose cream milk bath because of its rosy scent! Roses are great to use for dry. The natural oils present in rose helps to retain moisture in the skin, keeping your skin soft. The oils help the skin glow and maintain moisture. The sugar in the petals protects sensitive skin.

This bath soak is made from whole milk powder, essential oils, rose water, flowers, sea salt, and honey powder.