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The Zen Line

Hello, Angels Working On Earth Family!

My products were all created with the community in mind, with the aim of nourishing the body naturally, and helping you live your healthiest, happiest life! Bathing in hydrating minerals and herbs can help your body release impurities. Sometimes, we need to let the toxin seep out through our pores.

I know I feel at peace while I am in the bath. Imagine soaking in a warm, luxurious bath, letting all the stresses from your body, mind, and spirit seep out from your pores. Lavender, ginger, mint, rose, rosemary and lemon are my favorite spices.

Since these are my favorite things and bring me peace of mind, I am introducing the lavender cream, rosemary lemon, ginger mint, and rose cream bath soak line in honor of you. We are accepting pre-orders. You are welcome to order the product and we will have it shipped to you in approximately 10 days.


It’s Inside Out!