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Travel Besties

Travel Besties These are two people who I thoroughly enjoy having fun with. We were in Amsterdam site seeing and visiting museums. You could call it a museum mukbang! We experienced the Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age. We must have seen the entire thirty colossal 17th century group portraits at the Amsterdam Museum. As you can see, from my friends expressions,  it was an awesome day!  

Live Statue

Live Statue Wow! This person was very determined and creative. We were on a walk about near the ” I AM Amsterdam” sign. One can describe it as a site seeing area were people take selfies and take part in the museum tours.  In person,  the visual was astounding and realistic! This artist was a truly a statue. One of the best performances, I’ve ever seen.

Satay Beef

Satay Beef It was delicious! The sticks are generously skewered with thick chunks of meat, ensuring a taste of peanut sauce with a hint of sweetness. The restaurant was quaint and had a unique charm all its own. The food was amazing and unique. The owner was from the Netherlands, yet he was able to capture its taste and flavor which was unique to Indonesia. The beef satay is lovely, and I recommend it for its juicy tenderness. Expect queues during peak hours, but go with friends as each can order something different to taste and share…

Mousse Surprise

Mousse at Chez Voila The mouse was served as part of a 5-course meal. I thought it was beautiful! It was soft and incorporated air bubbles to give it a light and airy texture.  This mousse was savory and it was like eating a cloud…

Food as Art

Food As Art Chez Voila got my attention! This dish was called the “fish of the day.” It was not the taste that got my attention, but what I saw. It was the connection between food and art.  At first, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this. I mean I came here to eat! I was taught a lesson about creativity and learned about the traits that are most commonly given to a successful chef in the highest spheres of haute cuisine. I was surprised as the chefs were able to manipulate the ingredients, in ways that keep them on the cutting edge…