Sheila’s Secret’s For Healthy Skin

23 May 2021

Hello Angels Working On Earth Family!

Do you want to feel confident? I’m confident when I know I look good and feel vibrant like the sun! Glowing, healthy, soft skin can boost your confidence – every day is a new day! Let’s glow up! These are some tips to improve your skin health and appearance!

1. I drink plenty of water.

Water flushes toxins out and boosts your skin’s moisture. That’s the secret to the dewy skin you’ve always wanted! Water is life giving. There is no life without it. Be sure to get enough because it plays a significant role in the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Have you ever experiened dry skin? Has it been rough or dry? This is often the sign you’re not hydrated enough. Aim for at least eight glasses or 32 ozs per day! 

2. I eat more healthy fats than not.

Healthy fats are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Avocado, nuts and seeds, oily fish, and olive oil are my favorite go tos. These fats provide moisture and elasticity to your skin.

Your focus is to reduce inflammation in the body. Thus, omega-3s can improve your complexion and keep moisture in and irritants out! Try some pan-seared salmon with your favorite high fiber protein. Remember, you must eat a well-balanced meal to be in tip-top shape. Get your macros on!

3. I try to get enough rest!

If you want to reduce inflammation, then make sure to get enough deep sleep! When we sleep, our body repairs itself from the stress we inflict on our bodies. We inadvertently cause damage by exposing ourselves to chemicals and harmful activities throughout the day.  

Sleep also enhances collagen production to prevent the signs of aging. That is why sleep is so important, as your skin can’t correctly repair itself or produce Collagen. 

4. I add Collagen to my diet.  

 Collagen support skin hydration and elasticity in females and assist with reducing skin wrinkles and fine lines. It’s anti-aging, nourishing for your skin, and will ensure your skin is glowing and healthy in no time. You can try it in smoothies and baked goods. Check with your doctor first.

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