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Hi, Angels Working On Earth Family!

Wellness Entrepreneur & Chef

Wellness Entrepreneur & Epicurean Chef

Hello, Angels Working On Earth Family!

My name is Sheila Inman, and I was born in the US. I am interested in “Integrative Nutrition” because I want to incorporate nutrition and wellness skills into my business model. I am particularly interested in research, culinary medicine, counseling, disease prevention, whole foods nutrition, dietary supplementation, and whole-person wellness which leads to healthy lifestyles. I continuously learn about new ideas and discoveries that I will use creatively in books and in producing AWE-TV.

I graduated from Marymount University with a master’s in information systems and healthcare management. I decided to further my education in the Nutrition and coaching fields by attending Georgetown University’s Healthcare Coaching Program in 2016. Then, I topped it off with a master’s Nutrition Certificate.

I enjoy vlogging and blogging, so I pursued press passes at DC Swim Week 2019, DC Fashion Week 2019, DC Metro Cooking Show 2019, and the White House Historical Society. I use my talents and experiences to educate others. I focus on communicating positive messages about the community, travel, fashion, and cuisine. I encourage self-love through cuisine coaching. My businesses are about edifying people by showing the beauty in life!

I have become a creative warrior who lives to do what I love and use that creativity to help others. It’s about being kind and authentic and using my innate talent to help the world. We all have abilities that are unique to us. These talents are the tools we use to reach our VISION.

I have noticed that no two of (anything) are the same. We, as people, are not the same. Our differences allow us to create beautiful things together as we travel through time, like time travelers.

Integrative Nutrition is a gateway to leading a better lifestyle. My task is to create something that helps others shine their light. “Bright. I want to change the world by doing what I love!

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