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Hydration Tips

Sheila’s Tips to Manage Hydration!

The Lemon Cure

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Did you know drinking and eating lots of water is necessary for your overall health? Hydration is necessary for your complexion as well. No matter your skin type, the importance of hydrated skin cannot be understated. Why? Because fruits and veggies contain a large amount of water, they can replace some of the water in your body.

What Causes Dry Skin?

Some individuals naturally have dry skin. However, a change in the season, environmental irritants, not drinking enough water, or even using moisture-stripping products can cause dryness.

Many beneficial nutrients naturally help keep your face hydrated and are reduced as you grow older. When the skin’s natural moisture barrier is exposed to sunlight, the natural barrier decreases, and the skin ultimately wrinkles as we age. Therefore, you must treat your skin with an extra dose of hydration as you age.

Why should you care about hydration?

A hydrated complexion looks more youthful-looking. A hydrated face will help improve skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles and your appearance. Hydrated skin also helps to control oiliness. Research shows dehydrated skin produces more oil due to a lack of moisture. Most people believe the best action is to dry the skin using harsh drying agents. This is a misconception. Fully hydrated skin can fight and flush out toxins more effectively. Why? Your cells are functioning at their optimum best.

What Can You Do?

Maintaining a soft and hydrated complexion requires drinking an adequate amount of water each day. How many glasses should you drink? Approximately eight water glasses daily is a great start, but your skin needs an additional moisture boost.

Therefore, maintaining your skin’s integrity involves staying hydrated and using effective skincare products in your daily routine. Also, eating watermelon, zucchini, eggplants, and cucumbers is beneficial both for hydration and nutrition.


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