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Sheila’s Beauty Tips!


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Hi, Angels Working On Earth Family!

What makes you beautiful? To me, beauty is about the heart! It’s inside out! Of course, what we see first is outer beauty. In time, it becomes apparent that the absence of the heart leaves us less attractive! It’s all about love! Let’s begin with six simple tips to improve outer beauty! 

 Beauty tip 1: Exfoliate

We advise you that you read the article about hydration first. We discussed how you could improve hydration and its benefits to the skin. To keep your skin lovelier, make sure you exfoliate. The dead skin cells make the skin appear dry and dull. Start from the inside out! Experiment with herbs and spices! Try cucumber masks as moisturizers and flaxseed scrubs as an exfoliate. Use what you have. There is no need to spend tons of money on expensive non-natural products. I bet you can find what you need in your pantry or refrigerator. The imagination is boundless! Once you’ve buffed the old cells off, you’ll glow! You’ll feel good about yourself.

Beauty tip 2: Be Vigorous

Do an activity that leaves your cheeks flushed, your lips plump, and your skin glowing and dewy. Am I talking about sex? Use your imagination! Love what you do! Increased blood flow is essential. Oxygen brings a flush to the skin and makes us appear younger.

Beauty tip 3: Stop smoking and reduce alcohol consumption

Smoking spreads toxic substances into the body. Alcohol can dry out and eyes and cause puffiness. We suggest you reduce or remove these activities to look younger and lovely.

Beauty tip 4: Rest

 Sleep does make you lovely as you look well-rested. Try aromatherapy oils in your bath or meditation, and drink fruit-infused waters if plain water isn’t appealing. The focus is on reducing stress in mind, the body, and the spirit. 

Beauty tip 5: Beautiful Hair

The keratin in our hair makes it healthier and more robust. Keratin is a critical protein and structural component of our hair and nails. What are you putting in your body? Protein-rich foods such as eggs, nuts, seeds, shellfish, and meat make for healthier locks.

Beauty tip 6: Grooming

Where do we begin? Grooming is an individual preference. For some, it’s all about the eyebrows; for others, it’s something else. If you are a newbie, get a beauty consultation. But, if you feel adventurous, start with a few things that can change your look quickly and dramatically.  

Just find an aspect of yourself that suits you best and feels right. A suggestion. Hairstyle? There’s nothing like a great new style that makes you feel beautiful! Experiment with wigs! You can recreate yourself every day.

Create your own world! Then, Love yourself to wellness!


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