5 Ways to Stay Motivated

May 24, 2021

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Hello Angels Working On Earth Family!

How do you stay motivated during challenging times? Or during a workout, lol! I think it begins with your belief system. You are what you believe. I am the first to understand that motivation comes and goes! So, I’ve decided to share my top five tips on staying motivated during your fitness and health journey!

1. Health as a forever lifestyle. 

Health is a vast subject. It involves mind, body, and spirit. Consistency in mind, consistency in body, and consistency in the spirit make you healthy. I strive to live with a positive mindset, make a healthy living, and make positive choices as part of my daily routine. Your daily routine will become a habit once you start acting upon your instincts. You’re much more likely to continue this habit on an “off day.” 

2. One thing at a time.

Perfectionism will minimize your healthy activity. Start small! Try adding one healthy activity each day. Set a time frame, and choose enjoyable activities. Don’t expect perfection, but plan to enjoy and love what you do! So, when you achieve these goals, then you feel more motivated to continue that activity. Just keep going with the flow. 

3. Don’t compare yourself to others!

Stay in your lane. Please don’t compare yourself to other people as your race is different than theirs. If you are Vegan, why would you compare yourself with a meat-eater? Listen to your heart and do what benefits your goals. Listen to your own body, mind, and spirit when making food, fitness, or other decisions. Only you know what makes YOU happy, and so you must focus on your unique self and nourish it according to your needs.

4. Be kind to yourself.

It’s about self-love! Practice daily kindness. As you are kind to others, then you must be kind to yourself. There will be days when you’re unmotivated or struggling. If you learn to manage your expectations and aim for the best you can do, you will appreciate yourself for all the fantastic things! Workout in moderation, meaning choose your workout days and rest days. Give yourself credit for your efforts and keep things light.

5. Believe in yourself.

I have confidence in you! You are empowered and capable of anything you choose to do! You will get there if you believe in yourself. Confidence is built over time with each success. You can do it! You’ll do it! If you stay down, then you will be down! So, if you fall, get back up and try again.  

 I’m here doing it with you. Let’s help each other live healthy lives and be our happiest selves every day!

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