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Sheila’s Tips About Vitamin C– How Does Vitamin C Benefit skin?

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Vitamin C is an antioxidant known for supporting immune health, brain health, skin health, and heart health. Since your body won’t store it for long, it’s essential to either supplement or eats vitamin C fortified foods.

Delicious foods equal positive vibes! I get my vitamin C from vitamin-fortified foods. If you are like me, then try to consume the RDA for vitamin C. The RDA is 90 mg for adult males and 75 mg for adult females.   My favorite way of making sure I get my C is making smoothies. Breakfast smoothies, lunch smoothies, and dinner smoothies. It’s so important to love what you are eating. Eating delicious and healthy food is so much more stimulating than popping a pill. However, I do take supplements to make sure I get all of the important minerals and nutrients.

Sources of Vitamin C

There are many fruits other than oranges which contain vitamin C. Don’t forget vegetables! Find your favorite produce items, and make sure to eat them daily to maintain your vitamin C levels. Some examples are strawberries, kiwi, papaya, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and cranberries.

Topical Vitamin C

Vitamin C protects the skin from the sun and toxins in the air. Vitamins found in serums are effective and provide benefits to the skin. It evens out dull skin. The research suggests that leave-on products such as moisturizers, eye creams, and serums perform the best. Before you try moisturizers and leave-on products that contain vitamin C, consult a dermatologist first.

In the meantime, eat your favorite vitamin C-containing fruits, and vegetables.