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Creative’s Corner

Welcome to the “Creative’s Corner!” 2020 was a year of incredible change! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so important as Covid19 and other diseases are costly to our economy and everyday freedoms. We have collaborated with the Virginia Department of Health to promote healthy lifestyles. In our role as Virginia COVID-19 Community Ambassadors, we help keep family, friends, and communities safe from Covid19 and other diseases. Angels Working On Earth’s spiritual beliefs connects us with the wellness needs of our community. We believe if you can eat it then you can wear it! There is an abundance of wellness products out in the world we will create products from recipes that you want to eat and wear!

We created the ” Creatives Corner” to provide you with nourishing and healthy products. We believe that we learn from one another and hope that you will collaborate with us. Your opinions and knowledge are appreciated and we have created a special niche in the “Natures Store” for you to express them.

Our affiliation with the Virginia Department of Health’s Community Ambassadors program has encouraged us to provide top-notch wellness products! In the coming days, we will launch our first line of wellness skincare products! We ask you to suggest your favorite nourishing ingredients(i.e body oils, salts, and fragrances). Simply fill out the suggestion form below! Please describe the ingredients in detail, for example, shea butter, coconut oil, or favorite salts or sugars. We will listen!

Once the ingredient is approved, we will get to work producing it for you! Every time you purchase items at Nature’s store, we will donate a portion of our proceeds to the Humane Society!

Thank you for visiting the “Nature’s Store.