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Start your day with a smoothie! We all enjoy different ingredients—most smoothies are made with fruit or vegetables. And when done right, it can be a filling meal. Take a look at these three vegan smoothie recipes to inspire you!

 I love eating all varieties of foods: good country foods, sushi, and Italian meals. I dis-like restrictions; thus, creating vegetarian and vegan dishes in the kitchen was a creative adventure. As a culinary coach, I learned about vegan cooking to properly assist those transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. I emersed myself in a 21 day Vegan Kick Start Program, where I learned to make healthy plant-based recipes for those curious about a plant-based lifestyle. 

Maybe you’re just looking for some meat-free recipes to jumpstart your wellness regime. The vegan smoothie series will showcase simple, healthy, and unique recipes. 

Let’s love ourselves to wellness. Food feeds the soul! Do what you love, and be mindful about your food choices.

Vegan Shake Series



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