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ZEN – Why It’s Important To Me!

May 13, 2022

Find Your Zen

Hi, Angels Working On Earth Family!

Do you want to lead a stress-free life? Let’s start with our bodies, specifically, what we put in our bodies. Toxins will set you back in terms of mental clarity. The toxin affects how well you sleep and think. Anxiety is the number one ZEN killer. The removal of these four things will make you feel better immediately. Here’s how to remove toxins:

  1. Avoid plastics. Replace these with glass or ceramic items.
  2.  Void parabens (preservatives), chemical fragrances, and phthalates (softening agents).
  3. Avoid alcohol and tobacco.
  4. Avoid fluoride and other chemicals in tap water. Use a water filter.

Now there are some top signs that your body might be ready to reduce stress.  If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, now could be a perfect time to get back on the path to feeling like your best self:  

  • Carb, salt, or sugar cravings
  • Changes in appetite
  • Uncontrolled snacking
  • Feeling sluggish
  • Recent increase in alcohol intake
  • Increased caffeine intake
  • Feeling puffy or bloated
  • Trouble falling or staying asleep
  • More time indoors (air quality is usually poor indoors)
  • Inconsistent exercise (making it the perfect time to hone in on nutrition)

Want more tips and tricks to a healthier you? Then, you can pick up a copy of my Love Your Self To Wellness journal. It will provide you a space to record your sleep, fluid intake, and other important facts important to your healing.

As you remove these toxins, you will find physical good health and clarity of mind.  If you’re like me – I’m ready to leave the toxicity of 2020 behind and start off with a reset to get my energy back.



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