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Love Yourself To Wellness

It is often hard to stay true to yourself in a world that expects you to conform. You will need to love yourself! I have learned that you must stay true to yourself. If you love yourself, then you will always follow your path! I am writing the 2023 journal now. This journal is part of the AWE-Health program coming soon! If You Follow Your Own Path, You Will Always Be Authentic!

I launched Create Your Own World Workbook in 2021! Those who know me well know that I enjoy writing books, communications, culinary coaching, tea blending, yoga, sound healing, wellness research, traveling, and fashions (aka, creative warrior). I decided to start my blog and Angels Working on Earth LLC as a pathway to my trueloves!

How did I get here? I compiled my life experiences and lessons into exercises and transformed them into a workbook. I chose to make 2021 a year of achievement. So, I completed a long-time dream, putting my energies into writing my first workbook. I designed “Create Your Own World” to help you think deeply, trigger the way you make decisions, and make choices. I hope it will inspire you to create solutions, motivate yourself, and move confidently forward in the pursuit of happiness. 

2020 was a year of incredible changes. Depending on your beliefs, you will see the change as either good or bad. Wisdom has taught me not to judge in times of transition but to go with the flow. If you go with the flow, then you can take advantage of the change!

How can you change? It would be best if you challenged yourself. My favorite part of the book is the 21-mile markers and challenges. You break down your goals according to the journey of life. Each mile marker plays a part in this journey and symbolizes a lesson or experience that one must acknowledge and incorporate into their life to realize wholeness.

This workbook contains journals and a collection of exercises to help you discover how to build self-love and be a kid again! It will change your mindset so that you can pursue your dreams with confidence.

I designed the challenges to help you activate your decisions and choices based on your ethics at a given time(i.e., mile markers). Once you have completed the challenge, then you go to the next mile marker. This workbook seems so appropriate in 2021, at a time of endings and new beginnings. 

Don’t be afraid to see the bright side of things. Sometimes we have to harness our ability to see beyond what is happening in the present moment. We need to be open to possibilities in challenging times. “Create Your Own World” is about using your unique talent to confidently pursue your dreams, despite what is happening in your environment.