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The Way of The Tea

Each culture has its own ceremony, history, values, or religion. Blending tea is simply a way for you to tune in to you and your surroundings. Enjoy calming herbs and spices as they have noticeable effects on in-the-moment distress and anxious feelings. Inner peace leads us to wellbeing, mindfulness and harmony.

I invite you to CONNECT with the warmth and the flavor of tea by setting an intention. What are you thinking about at this moment? How can you introduce it to the blend?

Take time to taste, touch, and feel the tea. By tuning in to you, you will perpetuate well-being, mindfulness, and harmony. It is also called the “Way of the Tea.” Choose a tea that resonates with you. Taste it and record your thoughts. Each person has different tastes, and so remember there is no right or wrong.

The mind can capture the essence of the aromatic experience. Tea connects your senses to memories, and thoughts that manifest happiness.

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