“The Power Of Style Show” DC Fashion Week 2020


DC Fashion week was held at the French Embassy once again! Many unique fashions were unveiled this season. We saw the unveiling of the Cojor International – International Couture Collection, Sappe Euro – International Collections, Irina Valery – International Collections, Peggy Kankonde – International Couture Collection and many more.

Create Your Own Power & Style

Tips To A Use Cashmere Wrap As An Accessory For Formal Attires 

Let yourself IMAGINE some of these fashions accompanied by a cashmere wrap! The idea is to find a wrap or scarf that’s you would love to wear through the seasons. A cashmere wrap is beautiful and feels beautiful! Especially one which stays a classic and a favorite, no matter the fashion trends that come and go.

  1. Style It    

The perfect wrap will go great with a revealing gown. It should  allow  you to enjoy the night effortlessly.   All you need to do is toss one end behind your shoulder. Then, wrap it around your body. Let the other end hang effortlessly in the front of that same shoulder.

  1. The Classic Way

For this look,  wrap it exactly as you would a travel scarf. First, drape it encircling your neck. Then, adjust it to make one end twice the length of the other end. Hold the long end, then loop it encircling your neck once. Under the loop, both ends should be of equal length on your torso part, so keep adjusting it.

  1. The Fling

“The Fling” works best when you’re wearing a formal gown with an open back. When the night starts to dwindle, you may want to start covering your back or when it gets cold.  Place an end on one shoulder. Then, take hold of the other end. Then, outside of the right shoulder, twist it twice. Then, finish it up by flinging the extra on your left shoulder. This process should create a cape-looking effect with your scarf.

  1. The Loop

“The Loop” is one of the ways for you to style your cashmere scarf when the formal evening turns very, very cold. When you’d want to provide more warmth to your neck or upper torso, this manner of styling is the best way to go. Start by doubling the cashmere wrap so that you’re holding both ends in one hand. Put the now double scarf about your neck, such that the loop is just below your collarbone. Pull the two ends of the scarf, so you can put it inside the loop, then tighten on your neck.

  1. The Shawl

Depending on the style of your outfit, some dresses or gowns look even better when they’re paired up with a shawl. To up the style factor, don’t settle for any other shawl.  Use a cashmere wrap to pair your dress with, then bring it with you.

With “The Shawl,” all you do is to drape the cashmere wrap over your shoulders or hold it over your arms.

 A cashmere wrap is statement and staple piece. It’s luxurious, and it’s also very versatile. It’s that perfect accessory while traveling, to casual days out, and even on a formal evening affair.  So now you know how to wear a cashmere wrap. You’ll be one of the classiest and finest women in your event.