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MetroCooking DC 2019 Day 2

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Vendors at MetroCooking Day 2

There was a lot to see at this years MetroCooking show, day 2.  The schedule of events for  included: Grand Tastings, Beer, Wine & Spirits Garden, Cooking Classes, Specialty Workshops, Taste Talks, Celebrity Chefs, VIP Events and Book Signing.

In my opinion Wolfgang Puck was the highlight of day 2. Other attendees were Justin Severino who featured pork bits salami, black tea soaked prunes, and saffron-lavender Dijon picked cauliflower with Curry and golden raisins. Keven Tien featured Chanko Nabe. Wolfgang Puck feature duck and wild mushroom risotto. Daniela Moreira featured choclolate babka. Vikram Sunderam featured Pao Bhaji.

The vendors featured in this montage are: Mondespicecom,, and If you would like to see the events of day 2, then see link MetroCooking DC Day 2.