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Fishnet Restaurant


Fishnet Restaurant “Fish Tacos”


I found this wonderful little restaurant that sells fresh fish and freshly made bread daily! It specializes in seafood and is in Maryland. The restaurant is called, “Fishnet.” It has a kind of  hidden away feel to it. It was a pleasant surprise!

Apparently, chef Ferhat Yalcin knows President Obama as a picture of him with Obama hangs on the wall. The vibe is cozy (mom and pop) and the staff are very friendly and accommodating.

The fish taco was made with freshly fried catfish. It was hot and lightly seasoned. Crispy! The tortilla taco shell tasted authentic, lightly crispy and puffy. Cole slaw topped it off.

The coleslaw tasted of cilantro, and lime. This gave the slaw a tangy fresh taste. Shredded carrots and cabbage made up the main ingredients.

If you want something light and fresh, then this restaurant is for you!

Try it if you are ever in the North East.




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