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An Evening With Zaria Stott


Zaria Stott’s Catering Tasting

Zaria Stott’s food event was an extraordinary food adventure of a life time! I’m soo glad I didn’t miss it!  Zaria’s tasting offered an array of vegan delights, which were tasty and unique.  Communicate with Zaria at foodbyzaria@gmail.com. This is a sample of what was offered that evening:

Mini Basil Mushroom Sweet Potato Biscuits

A delicious vegan sandwich.

Watermelon Bites: Pesto & Mint, Cucumber & Shrimp

A refreshing bite that pairs beautifully with wine.

Lemon Rosemary Cookies

Buttery cookies, a rosemary and lemon duo.

Cashew Date Bars

Soft, Satisfying and filling.

Tomato Brushetta

Chunky tomato sauce on French bread.

Fig Jam Crostini’s

Fig jam and goats cheese on toasted baguette slice.

Charcuterie Board

A array of meats, cheeses and everything in between.

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