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Creative Warrior

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Creative Warrior

My name is Sheila Inman. I was born in the US. I graduated with two Masters’ Degrees. One degree in “Informations Systems” and the other in “Healthcare Management.” I attended Georgetown University’s Healthcare Coaching Program, in 2016. I use my talents to help others grow through content creating at and cuisine coaching at Angels Working On Earth LLC.

What makes a creative warrior? A creative warrior is someone who lives to do what they love and to use that creativity to help others. It’s called, “Philanthropy.” A creative warrior is about being authentic and using that innate talent, which is unique to the holder for a greater good. We all have talents that are unique to ourselves. These talents are the tools we use to reach our VISION.

No other person can duplicate that talent, as we all have our own unique blueprint. Have you ever noticed that no two of anything is the same? Well, that’s what we are like as people. Different. Those differences allow us to create wonderful things together as we travel through time, like time travelers. The task is to create something that we could not have done otherwise. Our life paths can be short or long, so let us collaborate and grow?

My talents are providing press coverage, writing books,  creating planners, travel journalism, making holistic products, creating culinary panaceas, and fashions. I also love motivating others to do their best. This gives me life!

I use my talents as part of my wider vision to help others shine their light  “Bright”, by giving to others.

I want to change the world by doing what I love!

Sheila Inman

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