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Traveling Solo

Whether I fall in love with the beauty or the culture of a country; I love to explore its food for ingredients that I may add to my dishes at home.  My travels always revolve around educating myself about the culture through food.

Study abroad programs have provided me with travel experiences of a life time. Some of the trips involved learning about the healthcare systems or helping small healthcare oriented businesses solve a problem.  But, now is the time to use what I have learned, to discover far away places from my perspective.

As a content creator, nutrition educator, and healthcare coach; I eat, drink, and cook my way around the world. I share my experiences with readers through travel. From smoked salmon pancakes on board a boat in Amsterdam, to savory mousse at  “Chez Voila”, to tasting my way through a variety of Panamanian cuisine and from winging my way through a culinary class.  I offer tips for eating healthy,  dining solo, and meeting people along the way.

In addition to these things, I want food to be part of the conversations around the table.

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