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Solo Traveler

IMG_5821Whether I fall in love with the beauty or culture of a country; I love to explore its food for ingredients in a dish that I can incorporate into my life back home.  My travels always revolve around educating myself about the culture through food.

My travels usually take place through a study abroad program. These programs have provided me with travel experience and of course education through real life experiences. Some of the trips involved learning about the healthcare systems or helping small health-oriented businesses solve a problem from a students perspective. But, now is the time to use what I have learned, to discover far away places from my own perspective……

Now, as a content creator, nutrition educator, and healthcare coach; I eat, drink, and cook my way around the world, sharing my experiences with readers. From smoked salmon pancakes on board a boat in Amsterdam to mousse at  “Chez Voila” to tasting my way through a variety of Panamanian cuisine and from winging my way through a culinary class(i.e. seared scallops and sautéed shrimp).  I offer tips for eating healthy,  dining solo , and meeting people along the way.

In my career life, I work as health educator, health coach and one day teach kids in China ESL online.  I have a small business as a healthcare coach and health educator that I will include when I travel. In addition to these things, I want to food to be part of the conversations around the table.

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